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Jennifer Glenn, Owner and founder of Pick Plant and Prune.

Jennifer Glenn

Founder and Owner

Over the course of the last decade, Jennifer has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for transforming landscapes throughout Ottawa and its environs. Jennifer's journey began with a Biology degree from The University of Waterloo in 2006, but it was the allure of gardening that captured her heart shortly thereafter. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jennifer allocates her hours to both her family and philanthropic pursuit, cultivating organic, local produce for those in need. Developing and mentoring a deep community passion for gardening and growing food has become a joy in her life.

The Pick Plant & Prune Team

At Pick, Plant, and Prune Inc., our dedicated horticulture team stands as the backbone of our operations. Comprising individuals with a deep-rooted passion for plants and landscapes, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With years of hands-on experience and continuous training in the latest horticultural practices, they demonstrate dedication to the care and cultivation of green spaces. Their passion, and professionalism are what set Pick, Plant, and Prune Inc. apart as a leader in the field of horticulture services.

A photo by benjamin combs of some flowering sage in a garden.
Scott is a dedicated employee of Pick Plant and Prune

Scott Stewart

Meet Scott, our resident horticulture encyclopedia. He has been captivated by the wonders of plants for his whole life. After completing high school, he pursued his passion by studying Forestry Technology, and later, he deepened his knowledge through an apprenticeship in Horticulture at Algonquin College. Currently he resides in Ottawa with his wife, two adorable children, and a furry menagerie of two cats and two dogs. Scott is committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture and finds great joy in sharing his expertise in horticulture and ecology with others.

Danielle Thiessen, an employee of Pick Plant and Prune basking in the sun.

Danielle Thiessen

Meet Dani, our dedicated horticulture enthusiast, whose journey with Pick Plant and Prune began in May 2022. With a lifelong passion for plants cultivated from childhood, she brings a wealth of personal experience to our team. Dani's commitment to continuous learning is evident in her enrollment in the Horticulture Technician program at Algonquin College, set to graduate in 2025.

Marilou is a dedicated employee of Pick Plant and Prune.

Marilou Stratford

Meet Marilou, a proud member of the gardening team. Growing up in a nurturing French Canadian household, my parents instilled in me a deep love for gardening from an early age. She is currently pursuing the Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship at Algonquin College, and is committed to expanding my knowledge and skills. She also boasts an extensive indoor plant collection, which holds over 80 varieties.

Jen Rama, a dedicated employee of Pick Plant and Prune

Jen Rama

Meet Jen, a longtime resident of Russell with deep roots in the community spanning over two decades. Prior to embracing the role of a devoted stay-at-home mom and nurturing daycare provider, Jen delved into the world of carpentry for seven years. Now, for the past five seasons, she has found herself immersed in the captivating realm of gardening with Pick, Plant & Prune Inc. With a genuine passion for enhancing outdoor spaces, Jen finds joy in assisting customers in maintaining and nurturing their gardens.

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Every task is a chance to connect with the earth and cultivate a sense of harmony in your surroundings.

Unlock your creative potential as you collaborate with your colleagues to develop and care for some unbelievably beautiful spaces.

Experience the joy of contributing to a greener tomorrow by working with a company that fosters an environmentally focused mentality, cultivating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

Experience the joy of contributing to a greener tomorrow with Pick Plant Prune. Every action fosters a positive environmental impact, cultivating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

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